Our Ambassadors

We are proud to work alongside each of our ambassadors, who are all passionately dedicated to helping us create awareness and drive impact through their support for SurFebruary. They generously give their time and energy to support our mission to improve the outcomes of those affected by cancer.

Richie Lovett

One of the things I really love about SurFebruary is it’s bringing everyone together. It’s bringing communities together, it’s bringing families together. It’s not a burden to go down to the beach every day, or to go for a swim or a surf… or whatever your thing is. This whole initiative is doing good, it’s supporting people, it’s raising funds – but it’s bringing people together. And that’s absolutely priceless

Xavier Neil

I love SurFebruary because you get to get in the water every single day and it’s for a good cause. This is my sixth year doing SurFebruary, and my 4th as an official SurFebruary ambassador with Team Newy. Each year I love it more and more.

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