It all began in 2014 when tragic news was revealed to co-founder Jenna-Lea Clark just seven weeks after the birth of her first daughter, Summer; a diagnosis of cervical adenocarcinoma, an aggressive form of cervical cancer. She was told of the strong likelihood that she would not be able to have any more children.

What followed were three years of medical care and multiple surgeries including a modern trachelectomy procedure. With the support from her family, community and the team at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Jenna-Lea now lives a wonderful, cancer-free life with Summer, Arron and her miracle child, a little boy named Vander who was conceived after her life-saving treatment.

The Clarks and friend of the family Mike Durante took this transformative experience and decided to give back to the force of good that gave them so much. Being raised near the water and knowing firsthand the positive and restorative impact the ocean and connection to nature can have, not only in the darkest of times but in day to day life; our founders aim to encourage people to get into the water and experience their own transformation whilst also raising funds for others faced with a cancer diagnosis.

That’s all it takes, catch a wave every day during the month of February, feel fitter and healthier all the while raising money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. 100% of the money raised by participants is aimed at funding the very best cancer research, clinical trials, treatment and care for our patients and their families.


Property Valuer @ Opteon Solutions.
Proud dad and husband. 

SurFebruary for me is about turning a negative into a positive. Our family has had our battle with cancer, life never really goes back to the way it was before; it’s not easy to talk about, you can feel lonely, and it can be difficult to move on. I found myself turning to surfing to work through our experience. Why not combine our love for the ocean with cancer awareness, share this positive experience, and help others. 

Wonder Mum
Cancer Survivor

Volunteer at Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation, SurFeb daily doer and lover of personal transformation. After being diagnosed with cancer it goes without saying that your perspective on life changes; the shock alone made me question myself in ways I had never before. Starting SurFeb for me was equal parts raising money & awareness as it was enjoying my second chance and spreading positivity!

Design & Project Manager @ FCS.
Co-founder of Basil Bangs.
Dedicated Family Man

My SurFeb story is about past, present and future.

I’ve had a best friend lose the battle with cancer and others that have been lucky enough to make it through. Everyone has a story and it’s usually only 1 degree of separation. 
Given the opportunity to get into the surf and to help raise awareness and funds for Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, it was a no brainer for me

Register solo or as a part of a team before 1st February. Registration is free.
Ask your family and friends to sponsor your journey by sharing with them your surfer page link to donate.
Join our Facebook community to share photos, surf reports and messages with other surfers.
Get on board and take part every day during February.



Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a hospital that is solely dedicated to treating and researching cancer. It is the only comprehensive cancer centre in NSW – a place where research and cancer care happen under the one roof, shortening the path from discovery to treatment.

The Lifehouse way is to treat the whole person, taking a holistic approach to cancer care across the whole spectrum from prevention and screening to diagnosis, treatment and wellness.

Living with a cancer diagnosis brings many challenges, not just the physical. It is well established that exercise, sunlight and being by the sea can improve mood and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety, helping to improve mental wellbeing.

That’s why SurFebruary and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse are natural partners. The Lifehouse Living Room is the home of complementary therapies, where cancer patients can exercise, take part in yoga and mindfulness and receive treatments like acupuncture and reflexology. All treatments are evidence-based and known to support the physical and mental wellbeing of people living with cancer.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a public, private and not-for-profit hospital and all donations support services and programs for people with cancer. They drive innovation in research, improve care, and provide equal access to all our services for everyone.



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