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Each day in February I'm hitting the water for SurFebruary and raising funds for cancer research at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

The reality is that one in two of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetime. That’s a pretty big statistic. The good news is that we can make a tangible impact on how we treat cancer by contributing to innovative cancer research that benefits us all.

It only takes a minute to donate and anything you can give (no matter how big or small) will go a long way to helping people with cancer and their families.

Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

See you in the water!

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Cronulla Surf Academy

Congrats Summer and Van! Getting salty 29 days in a row is no easy feat! 🫶🏻


Hannah Kritzler

Hope lots of people support you for what you’re doing. Hannah


Victoria Kavadas

Happy LovingTimes day Summer💖 Thank you for being a caring, loving, giving, compassionate friend. I have been saving little by little since March last year and all my coins have added up 44.80c


Associazione S. Sebastiano


Nathan Donnellan

I'm so proud of you Summer! I love your dedication to helping people in need and making a positive impact on their lives. You inspire me every day and you are absolutely amazing!! 🩵



What a superb cause because my Dad and I love any excuse to get in the water. Catch you on the next wave Summer. My school teacher highlighted this cause to me and I'm glad she did.


Associazione S. Sebastiano


Cj Tweedie

I am so proud of you Summer! You are making such a positive impact to the lives of so many. Keep being the happy, bubbly and enthusiastic girl that you are. You are beautiful! 🩷


Associazione S. Sebastiano