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Each day in February I'm hitting the water for SurFebruary and raising funds for cancer research at Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

The reality is that one in two of us will be affected by cancer in our lifetime. That’s a pretty big statistic. The good news is that we can make a tangible impact on how we treat cancer by contributing to innovative cancer research that benefits us all.

It only takes a minute to donate and anything you can give (no matter how big or small) will go a long way to helping people with cancer and their families.

Thank you, I really appreciate your support.

See you in the water!

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My Updates

Day 29 - Sunrise at Wanda

Thursday 29th Feb
It was such a beautiful morning for my last Sunrise surf for the month! I am so proud of what I have accomplished this month and thankful for everyone that has donated to a cause so close to my heart! Thanks for all your support. x Billi

Day 28 - Elouera

Wednesday 28th Feb
Battled the wind and churning water for some unsuccessful waves, lots of paddling in the current. Ended up having a good swim and play with grandad. 1 more surf

Day 27 - Wanda

Tuesday 27th Feb
Afternoon surf with my grandad at Wanda today, a bit seaweedy but had fun catching waves.

Day 26 - The Alley then to Tay Tay

Tuesday 27th Feb
Surfed The Alley in the morning then home to get ready for the Taylor Swift Concert! Only 3 more surfs till the end of the month.

Day 25 - Wanda

Sunday 25th Feb
First Comp day of the season with the Cronulla Girls Boardriders at Wanda and I had my first win! I am so happy and proud that this months commitment has helped me so much to reach my goals in surfing and donations for a great cause.

Day 24 - The Alley

Saturday 24th Feb
Surf lesson with CSA today at the Alley. Had lots of fun with my friends.

Day 23 - The Alley

Saturday 24th Feb
Waves were smooth as we drove up and parked then the wind came up and almost blew us away! We tried South Cronulla but the waves were big shories so headed back to The Alley for a quick incoming storm surf

Day 22 - Boat Harbour

Thursday 22nd Feb
Low tide afternoon at Boat Harbour, caught a few waves then had a fun swim with friends.

Day 21 - The Alley

Wednesday 21st Feb
Late afternoon surf with dad again, surf was a bit rough and big today. Got some waves then home for dinner.

Day 20 - The Alley

Wednesday 21st Feb
After lots of rain, the sun came out for a magical sunset surf with dad. The waves were big and smooth and we were out the back with Lester for another fun surf.

Day 19 - The Alley

Wednesday 21st Feb
Late afternoon surf with dad at The Alley after the lightening storm finished. We had a nice surf in smooth conditions

Day 18 - Wanda

Wednesday 21st Feb
The sun was shining again today for another surf at Wanda with my friend Summer. The waves were awesome and we had lots of fun!

Day 17 - Wanda

Wednesday 21st Feb
I had a lesson with CSA with a couple of friends. Then had a surf with Summer and our dads after. It was finally sunny and clear water

Day 16 - Boat Harbour

Wednesday 21st Feb
Had a nice surf on some small waves at Boat Harbour today.

Day 15 - The Alley

Friday 16th Feb
Another rough surf at the Alley this afternoon with dad.

Day 14 - The Alley

Friday 16th Feb
Dad’s home! We went for a surf in the rough waves but it was so fun.

Day 13 - Boat Harbour

Tuesday 13th Feb
After surfing every day for 2 weeks, I’ve now got an ear infection 😢 Today I had to keep my ears dry so I paddled around at Boat Harbour after school.

Day 12 - Elouera

Monday 12th Feb
Surfed with mum this morning before school. The water was nice and warm.

Day 11 - Elouera Beach

Sunday 11th Feb
The surf was rough today, we tried a few spots in the morning but the waves were too big so waited until the tide came down in the afternoon and jumped in at Elouera with my grandad for some fun waves.

Day 10 - Surf School

Sunday 11th Feb
Had a fun surf with Cronulla Surf Academy today, made some new friends in Ruby and Summer. Can’t wait to surf with them again next week.

Day 9-south Cronulla

Friday 9th Feb
Today there was big shore dumpers so not the best surf but I had a quick one the took a look in the water with my snorkle

Day 8-south Cronulla

Thursday 8th Feb
Today it was still pretty rough but I caught some good waves! I just want to thank everyone again for donating to this charity, it’s for such a good cause it’s so amazing to be able to watch everything unfold.

Day 7 - Surf with Grandad

Wednesday 7th Feb
It’s been windy all week and the surf has been pretty big and rough. Dad had to go overseas for work this morning so I went for a surf at South Cronulla with my grandad this afternoon, it was fun and I got some good little waves.

Day 6 - The Alley

Wednesday 7th Feb
Was raining early this morning so me and dad put our wetsuits on at home! My uncle Mick came too. Really windy again, but got a hot tea and croissant from Next Door after!

Day 5 - Boat Harbour

Wednesday 7th Feb
Was really big, cold and windy today so I got a quick surf at Boat harbour

Day 4 - Wanda

Sunday 4th Feb
Surfed at Wanda the sarvo, was really windy.

Day 3-Bout harbor

Saturday 3rd Feb

Day 3-Boat Harbour

Saturday 3rd Feb
My lesson got cancelled because the swell was to big so we went to boat Harbour in the afternoon it was still a bit dangerous so I had to catch the white wash for a quick surf.

Getting ready

Friday 2nd Feb

Day 2 - north Cronulla the Alley

Friday 2nd Feb
Today I got a few waves the sun made the water silver it was beautiful but it was cut short because dad saw a big splash close to where we were surfing after we got a croissant and a hot tea exited for my Saturday lesson with Blake

Day 1 - The Alley

Thursday 1st Feb
Thanks for following my journey.
I had my first surf at the Alley , Nth Cronulla today. 
It was a good place for my first surf because my Grandpas ashes are out there. He had Cancer too, just like my grandma, This is why I’m doing this in the first place so more people don’t lose the ones they love to cancer.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jeff Crow

So proud… great job.. great commitment for a great cause.


Judy Allouche


Dad Trouville

I’m so proud of you Billi! Everyday in some tough conditions! Love you


William Wallace Plumbing Wallace Wallace


Gregg Porteous

Well done Billi


Kim Davis


Lori Walalce

So proud of you Billi and have enjoyed following along on the journey.


Aunty Kimmy

Proud of you Bills


Inga Barbuto

Amazing Billi!! Almost there, you're such a little legend xx


Jennifer Trouville

Thank you Billi. You told me you were doing this to help me and all the other cancer patients. I know how much you love surfing but I know there have been days you were tired and did not really want to go but you went anyway…that is how you change the world by committing to something and seeing it through. If you can do this at 10 years old, nothing will stop you later in life. I love you and I thank you. Wish I could go surfing with you.


Matt, Mona, Lennon, Sloane, And Archie

Great work Billi. Keep going!


Mr Paisleys Cafe


Cronulla Surfing Academy

29 days straight Billi! You did it! We are so proud of you and your huge effort 🏄‍♀️


Bryden Sharp

Great cause well done


Kiz And Mon Habo

Legend Billi !! $2 for every surf in Feb xxx


Sarah, Brad, Coops And Noah

So awesome Billi, keep rippin!! ♡ Xx


Associazione S. Sebastiano


Andrew Lester

Great job Billi. Hope to get a few waves with you too


Ray Mallett

You are a legend already Billi


Ben And Lyndall Hall

Rip it up Billi 🤙


Rosemary Marney

Well done Billi, what an amazing achievement. You are an amazing young lady for raising so much. Your the best 💖💞


Addie Mckay

Billi you are an inspiration!!



Can’t wait to see you surf in Margaret river again! Keep it up love the Westside family.


Courtney Anderson

You are made with magic powers to change the world beautiful Billi, just by being you ❤️


Carlee Young


The Boydys

Way to go Billi. Congrats. You are a super star! Love all the Boydy family xx


Nicholas Murray


Timothy Duggan

Awesome effort Billi 🏄‍♀️


Krista Nicholson

Way to go Billi!! Your dedication to this challenge was amazing! So proud of you.


Billi Trouville


Olivia S

Go Billi -



Good luck


Todd And Steph Jordan

Great Job Billi!!!! We are cheering you on x



Go Billi! 🫶🏼


Daren & Lil'greery

Go Billi!



I’m so proud of you Billi! You surprise me every day with your caring nature, creativity and bravery. You will change the world one day my little star! x Love mum


Marc And Bec Allouche

Congratulations Billi on your amazing fundraising!! Looks like you’ve had a blast in the surf too!! 🙌🏼🩷



Good on you Billi you are doing a wonderful thing. Good luck for the rest of February. :-)


Adam And Justine


Mick Hay

Proud of you Billi 🫶 little charger


Blake Allouche

Love your work Billi, so inspiring!


Mark Longhurst

Great work billi



Well done Billi


David Hossack

Such a great cause Billi. You are an inspiring young lady. Enjoy the surf 🏄


Amy And Matt Habojan

Go Billi, we’re so proud of you xx




Simon And Amy Davies

Congrats little Wahini!



All the best Billi, wishing you lots of good waves 😊


Tyler, Reef & Jagger 🖤

Gooooo Billi girl!


Uncle John

Go get em Billi


Madi Jones



Go billi! Love seeing your surfing journey. You show determination and drive 👌 keep going.


Kylie Petts

Good job Billie you should be very proud


Phill Trick

Best wishes on a great project


David Lyons

Good luck Kiddo!


Nat Bradshaw

Go Billi! Good on you for making a difference xx



Such a worthy cause. Well done ! 😁👍👏


Christine Caruana

Money being raised for a wonderful cause.. well done Billi x


Rob Baigent

Rip in Billi, and have fun! We will join for some!


Amelie & Darcy Hawes

Awesome work!


Elodie, Corah And Hendi

So proud of you Billi! Enjoy those waves all for a great cause 🫶


Erin And Steve Becker

Well done Billi! Such an achievement 🙌🙌🙌👏👏


Hayley Charnock

Go Billi, our family are so proud of your achievements!!! Love Hayley and Charlotte


Dee Mccarthy

You are Awesome and yoy should be so proud of yourself Good Job


Yvonne Brown

You are so awesome 👍 what a wonderful idea, I am so proud that you are a member of our family.


Colleen Winstanley

Good work Billi


Associazione S. Sebastiano



Great work Billi


Kathy Toirkens

Fantastic 💙 Welldone Billi


Melissa & Addysin

Great work Billi!!


Olivia Harris

Well done Billi! You’re amazing 🏄‍♀️


Indi & Elki Smoothey-miller

You are AMAZING Billi xx Indi & Elki




Aidan Smith


Aunty Erin

Well done Billi, so proud of you